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About Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson’s first breath drew in the salty tang of the Santa Cruz air, and he has lived most of his 59 years on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay. A lifelong surfer, Alex knows Santa Cruz from the kelp roots off shore to the top of Loma Prieta Mountain and all the beaches, streets, alleys, hills dales and condo complexes between. Alex Knows and loves Santa Cruz and has seen the Silicon Rush transform the sleepy, quiet coastal town of his youth into the thriving, multi-dimensional community of the 21st Century. A lifelong resident of Santa Cruz and committed real estate agent since 1989, Alex Johnson has bought and sold hundreds of homes for himself, friends, family and strangers. Alex is fully aware of the opportunities and challenges that demand presents for buyers and sellers.

Alex knows and loves Santa Cruz, he has learned to love the delicate art of making an emotional experience emotionally satisfying.

Some Realtors sell houses as a job. For Alex, selling houses is an art and a passion. He loves all sides of the challenge and takes pride in doing it right. The smart home seller in this volatile 21st Century market will trust Alex Johnson to find a good home for their old house.

Alex is also tireless at finding buyers just the right home. In this unique corner of California where the palm trees meet the pines, trust Alex Johnson to guide you through the jungle of a volatile real estate market and find you that ideal home in the northern California sun.